What is Consumer Neuroscience?

Consumer neuroscience methods are applied to market research to better understand a participant’s behavior in order to drive better business decisions. Researchers use devices to track peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system activity measurements and correlate those measurements with attention, arousal and emotions.

Icon_heartHeart Rate (ECG)
= Attention

iconSkin Conductance (GSR)
= Arousal

iconFacial Muscle (fEMG)
= Emotion

Brain Waves (EEG)
= Emotional Engagement

Emotional and behavioral measures can help us better identify subconscious emotions.

Together for More Holistic Results

Qualitative researchers rely on asking consumers to consciously think about and share their feedback to products and brands. Yet, consumers are often unable or unwilling to correctly articulate their true feelings.

When researchers can identify inconsistencies where what the respondent is saying during doesn’t necessarily correlate to the measurements they are seeing on the screen they are able to dig a little deeper.

Application of Consumer Neuroscience in Marketing Research

We provide full technology support for neuroscience research labs testing the following stimuli:


Print Media


Store Shelving

Interactive Software

Mobile Device


Movie Trailers

Neuromarketing Tools

IVP offers accessible, smartly-packaged research labs for clients wanting to adopt innovative neuroscience technology solutions with ease and confidence. With a wide range of consumer neuroscience tools to choose from, we support research methodologies in-person, in-field and online.

Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking



Facial Coding

Facial Coding

Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

The IVP Advantage


We Manage the Technology
We oversee the technology so you can focus on uncovering insights.


Experienced Technician
A full time technician that is onsite with you from start to finish.


Portable Research Labs
On-site or in-field we have a lab for suitable for any geographical location.


Global Reach
We can go anywhere to conduct research, even online.

It’s Not One Size Fits All

We understand the challenges that come with introducing emotional and behavioral measurements to your marketing research study.  Our experienced IVP team will ideal technology to meet the research objectives, as well as the budget.