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Biometric Testing

Conduct scientifically valid message testing that will optimize your clients’ ability to create and deliver brand messages that powerfully connect with the minds of their target.


Biometric testing or Neuromarketing has emerged as a methodology that enables researchers to get inside the minds of consumers and record responses as they mentally process and respond to brand messages.  MobiLAB™ BIO measures emotional and cognitive responses to stimuli revealed through nervous system activity that participants are unable to fully share via self-report methods.

Differentiate between cognitive and emotional responses that are likely to enhance brand communication from those that might interfere with effective communication.  Biometric measures index brain processes during real-time message exposure, on an instant-by-instant level, capturing data that reveals very specific effects of message features that lay the foundation for persuasion.

By combining our biometric testing with other methodologies, you are able to collect data that provides a holistic view of how consumers process and respond to your clients’ messages.

Biometric testing measures utilized to capture data:

Heart Rate

Facial Muscles

Skin Responses

Eye Tracking

Facial Muscles

Facial muscle movement, including micro muscle movement, lends insight into emotional responses occurring at less conscious levels.

Skin Responses

Monitoring the body’s sympathetic nervous system, galvanic skin response (GSR) is a biometric measure that determines emotional stimulation. By connecting to the skin on a participant’s hand, the intensity of reactions as associated with pleasure, displeasure and anxiety can be detected though sweat gland activity.

Eye Tracking

Tracks and monitors where the subjects’ eyes travel as they view media to determine what elements they noticed and, more importantly, pin-points the elements they focused on.

MobiLAB™ Bio Includes:

  • All hardware and software equipment required to reveal biometric measures
  • Moderator-friendly biometric lab technician on-site with you
  • Eye tracking video recording of screen or product activity and picture-in-picture view of subject’s face