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Innovative technology, simply packaged to add value to your marketing research investment.

IVP Research Labs offers a choice of unique and innovative marketing research technology labs to help qualitative researchers gain deeper insights and provide compelling data visualization.

The rate at which cutting-edge technology is being adapted for market research is astounding.  However, integrating technology into a study can be logistically challenging and a drain on resources.  IVP offers accessible, smartly-packaged labs for researchers wanting to adopt innovative solutions with ease and confidence.

In facility, online, or in the field, whether you wish to precisely measure web or product usability or whether you wish to go beyond conscious self-report to include emotional measures, our labs are designed to help you to meet the growing challenges of testing products and collecting actionable data in an ever more complex, consumer driven world.

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The most important component of an IVP Lab is the human who accompanies it.

At IVP, our humans know Research Technology.  We know People too.  We listen to your needs and help you match our research technology solutions to your objectives and your budget.  Whatever solution you choose and wherever you conduct your research, our labs are always accompanied by full-time, experienced and client-friendly System Operator who works with you to deliver key research data captured and presented clearly and professionally for your client.  We are happy when we make you look good.

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