Implicit Testing

Conduct physiological implicit testing to uncover the mental biases and associations subconsciously influencing consumers’ perceptions and behavior.

Implicit Testing Powered by MobiLAB™

Implicit Testing powered by MobiLAB™ is an online solution to detect automatic associations among concepts, brands, products, and attributes.

Designed for high-volume and fast-turnaround research, Implicit Testing embeds into your quant or qual research to reveal the subconscious associations influencing consumers’ perceptions and behaviors. Plus, we provide a simple online setup that allows you to start an implicit test within 24 hours after your request submission.

The result? An output that includes actionable insights from uncovering the strength of brand perceptions and product associations driving consumer decisions.

Implicit testing provides three types of measurements for analysis:

Strength of Association

Implicit Scores

Levels of Certainty

MobiLAB™ Implicit Testing Includes:

Remote IVP Research Labs technician

Online setup and reporting dashboard

Access to research design consultation

Fast-turnaround survey programing

Survey integration guidance

Statistical subconscious results and reporting