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Omnibus Testing

A cost-effective approach to neuromarketing for video testing.

Neuro Omnibus For Video

IVP’s Neuro Omnibus for Video groups multiple videos together to be viewed by sought after target segments.  It offfers brands a cost-effective approach to receiving information relating to the subconscious response of consumers to web or broadcast video.  

Neuro Omnibus for Video is designed to provide snapshots of data to help marketers identify content that contributes to the desired attention, arousal and emotions throughout the video. 

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Capture Scientific Data

Traditional research of video advertising relies on a participant to view content and self-report on how well it resonates.  It does not precisely measure whether the video caught and kept the respondents attention.

Applying facial coding and biometrics sensors to a participant during the research can determine whether the video captured the viewers’ attention and where attention was lost and gained throughout the ad.

omnibus technology

Multiple videos grouped, then viewed by target audience, substantially reduce the cost of neuro research.

IVP NeuroOmnibus

Integrate IVP's Neuro Omnibus Snapshot Into Your Traditional Research Findings

Applied neuroscience offers a wide range of insights.  It is of greatest use when integrated with traditional research methods.  IVP’s Neuro Omnibus for Video delivers a snapshot to help marketers identify content that contributes to the desired attention, arousal, emotions scene by scene.  It is not designed as a detailed analysis of the subconscious response to media, rather as a cost effective tool to measure relative impact of broadcast or web video.

Omnibus Research Deliverables

Omnibus dashboard

  •  Metrics indicating of the impact of their tested ad within the first six seconds
  • Animated graphs exhibiting where and when responses varied throughout the video
  • Short consultation with staff from HCD Research explaining the results