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Integrated Emotional & Behavioral Measures

One integrated lab that combines EEG, Facial Coding, Eye Tracking and Biometrics to provide advanced emotional and behavioral measures.

Biometrics Set Up


Utilize our biometric labs to conduct scientifically valid message testing that will optimize your clients’ ability to create and deliver brand messages that powerfully connect with the minds of their target.

EEG Neurtesting

EEG Neuromarketing

Measure a subject’s emotional and cognitive response to stimuli revealed through peripheral and central nervous system (EEG). Conduct scientifically valid testing that will optimize your ability to create brand messages that powerfully connect with the minds of their target.

In Store Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking

Capture and evaluate how consumers truly perceive brands, designs and communications through eye tracking technology on all types of stimuli including, print media, websites, mobile devices, packaging, etc.

Facial Coding

Facial Coding

Measure emotional response to stimuli using our Facial Coding solution. A neuroscience tool developed for moderator use in in-depth interviews for deeper discussions.

Usability Lab

Traditional and PC based usability labs with full-time technicians designed to support the testing of any type of interactive product with a specialty on mobile devices.



Professional videography services to record focus group and ethnographic research.

Video Report

Our summary highlight reels offer a powerful personalized video containing testing highlights that illustrate your research key findings.