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Usability Testing Labs

A unique and innovative way to test interactive software and hardware, assessing usability and user-friendliness, MobiLAB™ offers a choice of high specification usability labs across the globe.


Accompanied by a full-time, experienced and client-friendly System Operator, our usability testing lab offerings allow researchers to clearly observe and evaluate the testing of any type of interactive product during the qualitative market research testing process.

Facial reactions, hand/eye movements and body language are combined electronically with images of the product being tested and are displayed in a picture-in-picture format, providing simultaneous observation and feedback of the product/participant interaction.

MobiLAB can support any testing scenario including IDIs, dyads, mini groups, and full focus groups.

MobiLAB™ is a highly flexible system that can be customized to meet client preferences and the specific needs of a study. Ideal for:


Handheld / Mobile Devices


Interactive Software

Our Usability Testing Lab Solutions

We have a variety of usability testing labs available.  Our team will be happy to advise the package that best suits the purposes of your study.

MobiLAB™ Standard

Clearly observe and evaluate the testing on any type of interactive product, including websites, interactive software, hand-held devices, paper prototypes, ATMs, kiosks, automated voice response systems, etc.


A PC based usability lab designed specifically to support the testing of websites and software-related products.

MobiLAB™ Online

Conduct usability interviews around the world without the need for travel. Harness the convenience and precision of web conferencing and let Interactive Video Productions assist in you in unlocking the untapped potential of remote usability.

Interactive Video Productions has MobiLAB resources all across the country to provide consistent technology support wherever your research takes place.  Multiple markets are our specialty.  Our team will be happy to advise the package that best suits the purposes of your study.