MobiLAB™ PC is a PC based usability lab that is designed specifically to support the testing of websites, hand-held/mobile devices and paper prototypes.  Utilizing Morae™ screen capture software, it allows clients to clearly observe and evaluate user testing.  MobiLAB™  PC is always accompanied by an experienced full-time technician and can easily support multiple testing scenarios including IDI’s, mini groups and full focus groups.

MobiLAB™ PC Includes:

  • Full-time onsite System Operator for lab set-up and operation
  • PC in the respondent room with redundant keyboard and mouse controls for easy moderator access
  • Morae™ screen capture software and a webcam camera to provide picture-in-picture display (PIP) and recording of respondent’s screen activity and facial reactions
  • Two 20” LCD monitors in the client viewing room to display the PIP
  • Real-time ‘video marking’ of points of interest
  • WMV recording of all sessions in PIP format

Interactive Video Productions has MobiLAB resources all across the country to provide consistent technology support wherever your research takes place.  Multiple markets are our specialty.  Our team will be happy to advise the package that best suits the purposes of your study.