Integrated Lab Solutions

Fast, comprehensive behavioral & emotional measures integrated into one lab.

MobiLAB™ Integrated

The Imotions platform and dedicated IVP System Operator allow you to combine and synchronize responses to your stimuli, capturing behavioral and emotional measures from Eye Tracking, Facial Coding, EEG, GSR, EMG, ECG plus self-report surveys.

One Integrated Lab for Emotional and Behavioral Measures

Facial Coding
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Integrated Behavioral & Emotional Measures

Technologies that Feature in MobiLAB™ Integrated

Facial Coding

Facial Coding

Measures emotional engagement responses to video stimuli, scientifically and unobtrusively revealed through facial expression activity. Based on the Paul Ekman FACS system.

  • Reveals manifestations of underlying emotional states
  • Recognizes universal basic emotions and valence
  • Sensor: Any webcam
Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking

Captures the conscious and unconscious eye gaze movement of a respondent.
Options: Remote (desktop) & Mobile (head-mounted glasses).

  • Quantifies and analyzes visual attention
  • Reveals what, when, and for how long information is absorbed and processed by the respondent. Tracks gaze position & pupil dilation
  • Sensor: Remote & mobile eye trackers from Tobii, ASL, EyeTech, The Eye Tribe, etc…


Get insights into brain reactions and arousal by recording brainwaves across the cortex, taking in data points at a rate of 2,000 times per second.

  • Reveals perceptual, cognitive and emotional processing
  • Measures: Motivation, Engagement and Workload
  • Sensor: ABM B-Alert & Emotiv EPOC head sets

Biometric Technologies that Feature in MobiLAB™ Integrated



Get insights into human arousal, emotional excitement and stress by measuring galvanic skin response – skin conductance, also known as electrodermal activity.

  • Reveals emotional responses of a respondent via sweat gland activity
  • Measures the psycho-physiological arousal of a person
  • Sensor: Shimmer3 GSR+ Unit & Affectiva Q Sensor


Electrocardiogram / Electromyography records the spatio-temporal characteristics of electrical impulses associated with muscle contractions of the heart (ECG) and of skeletal muscles (EMG) Measuring muscle movement, including micro muscle movement, lends insight into emotional responses occurring at less conscious levels.

  • Measure the heart’s response to physical exertion
  • Analyze biometrics of human movement
  • Sensor: Shimmer3 EXG Unit

API (Application Programming Interface)

Input & Output your chosen API for full flexibility and feedback loop interaction.

  • Forward data from Mobilab™ Integrated to third party software or hardware
  • Forward data from third party software or hardware to Mobilab™ Integrated
  • Sensor: Any third party sensor, software application or algorithm