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EEG Neuromarketing

Measure and track changes in subconscious responses to media to optimize your clients’ ability to create and deliver brand messages that connect with the emotions of their targets.


Capture your data quickly and cost-effectively, using IVP’s MobiLAB™ EEG neuromarketing lab, powered by Neurospire.  Accompanied by a trained IVP System Operator, MobiLAB™ EEG uses brain-imaging technology to scientifically measure subconscious emotional responses to stimuli, revealed through brain activity.

MobiLAB™ EEG in 3 Easy Steps:

Respondents view media stimulus wearing leading edge EEG headsets

Our EEG devices record brainwaves across the cortex, taking in data points at a rate of 2,000 times per second

Respondents’ raw brainwave responses are decoded into emotional engagement scores and reported back to the moderator in real-time

Key Features of MobiLAB™ EEG that Support Your Qualitative Research Objectives

Quick set up and operation by an IVP technician

Capture and display emotional responses, frame by frame

Receive dashboard results within 24 hours of your session

Identify peaks, trends and outliers

Capture data easily for more dynamic reporting

Benefits of MobiLAB™ EEG that Enhance the Value of Your Research

Bring a scientific assessment of instinctive emotional response to mainstream research

Enhance the quality of your focus groups with real-time emotion metrics

Remove the influencer and pleaser effect in response to video stimulus.

Seamlessly capture critical visual data to enhance your client presentation.

Create additive insight by combining EEG neuromarketing analysis with self-report data.