What is Eye Tracking?

Eye tracking is sensor technology for the measurement and recording of eye gaze activity in response to stimuli.  For marketing research application, an eye tracker will track eye position and eye movement, including pupil dilation, to pinpoint interest and reveal reactions which might otherwise be go unreported.

Researchers are interested in points of ‘fixation’: The ordered list of the eye gaze movements to process the information, i.e. what is seen and what is not seen:  Time taken to arrive at a fixation: Length of fixation: And number of fixations per element of the stimulus. The behavior which is exposed by eye tracking is used to gain deeper insights into consumer behavior and response.

Choose the Eye Tracking Solution that Best Suits Your Research Needs



Our In-Person Eye Tracking service, powered by Tobii, provide both qualitative and quantitative results that allow you to climb into the eyes and mind of a consumer to gain true insight into a product’s design implications.

Our Online Eye Tracking solution, powered by Tobii Pro, allows research respondents to participate in eye tracking research from anywhere they have a webcam and access to the internet.