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Our MobiLAB™ ET lab, powered by Tobii and SMI, provide both qualitative and quantitative results that allow you to climb into the eyes and mind of a consumer to gain true insight into a product’s design implications.

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Eye Tracking is a combined software and hardware package designed to capture the conscious and unconscious eye gaze behavior of a respondent.  The ability to measure response through eye gaze adds real value to behavioral research and analysis.

Eye tracking is a unique and reliable method for assessing design impact or usability of:

Print Media

Package Design

Store Shelving

Handheld Mobile Device

Eye tracking results are designed for immediate ease of analysis with no expertise required.

Advanced tools for analysis and visualization allow for in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis.  Data is easily taken to meaningful comparison, interpretation and powerful visual presentation.

Why Eye Tracking?

Clear Results

Eye tracking gives you clearer results and unveils information normally missed by other testing methods.

Immediately See How Information is Viewed

Capture all eye gaze movements instantly.  See what, when, for how long and in what order information is absorbed and processed by the respondent.

Print Media

Advanced technology and software saves the need for external expertise.  Large studies can be conducted in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Handheld / Mobile Devices

Eye Tracking Technology

IVP labs offer the choice of multiple eye tracking devices specifically suited to support research on various types of stimuli utilizing desktop, mobile, and glasses configurations.  Our eye tracking devices track everyone, regardless of ethnic origin, age use of glasses or contact lenses and they have no visible or moving ‘tracking devices’ that might affect the subject.  Freedom of head movement allows respondents to behave naturally as they would in front of any other computer screen so in-depth and accurate studies can be performed without fatigue.
Eye Tracking Results
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Eye Tracking Technology - Glasses


  • Experienced System Operator
  • Two remotely controlled cameras that can be placed anywhere in a room
  • Direct inputs from respondent’s PC at full VGA resolution
  • Digital switching equipment to provide picture-in-picture display
  • 32” LCD monitor in client viewing room
  • WMV recording of all sessions