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Online Eye Tracking

Now marketing research respondents can participate in eye tracking research from anywhere they have a webcam and the internet.

MobiLAB™ ET Online

MobiLAB™ ET Online delivers the same advanced eye tracking metrics as traditional in-person eye tracking. Researchers can measure what people engage with, for how long they engage and the order in which they engage.

Eye tracking made ubiquitous, scalable and cost-efficient


Measures exactly where users look


Cloud based automatic platform


Results appear online instantly


Record anywhere in the world


Scales to any size you need

High Quality Visualizations

The Tobii platform includes powerful visualizations with viewers’ gaze data superimposed over the stimulus. Based on fixation counts, the heat map gives an aggregated view of the results including what is seen and what is ignored. The connected dots display data from one or several recordings as individual gaze points and scan paths.

Applications of MobiLAB™ ET Online

Testing Ad Placement Value

Optimizing Print Ads

Webpage Evaluation

Video Ad Testing 

Package Testing