Biometric Testing for Large Groups

A cost-effective neuroscience tool to understand the emotional response of an individual or group in real-time.


Less invasive than traditional biometrics technology, MobiLAB™ Neuro captures heart rate and skin conductance measures for up to 45 participants simultaneously, in real-time. Researchers can monitor individual metrics and also aggregate metrics across the single session and the life of project to identify trends of attention and arousal.


Easy to Use

Aggregate metrics are based on the % of the audience who are responding. Aggregating and segmenting the results is easy


Cost Effective

Typically costs less than a single study from a full-service Neuromarketing firm.



Analysis can be carried out in real-time. A video with a trace is available immediately upon completion of data collection



NeuroLynQ can be used for a quick real-time read on audience response or to collect the highest quality raw data at higher rates



Obtain a quantitative sample of 30-45 people in a single session with results provided in real-time. Summary metrics for stimuli are available immediately after the session. Multiple sessions can be aggregated for segment analysis.

Example Applications: Video Ad Testing, Pilot Testing, Movie Screening, Still Images


Monitor emotional response as the participant moves around in a store, car clinic, or even at home. A point of view camera records everything the participant sees and their responses are overlaid on the video. Great for biometrically informed ethnography.

Example Applications: Shopper, Care Clinics, In Home, Outdoor


Monitor individual and aggregate responses of a group of participants in real-time. A simple status screen tells you who is responding and who isn’t. Multiple sessions can be aggregated to build a quantitative sample size.

Example Applications: Focus Groups, Product Testing, Mock Jury Trials, Ad Testing, Concept Testing

What’s Included with MobiLAB™ Neuro?

  • All hardware and software equipment required to reveal biometric measures
  • A full-time onsite IVP System Operator for lab set-up and operations
  • Data collected