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Facial Coding

Extract emotional insights from facial expressions


Researchers recognize that emotions, both conscious and non-conscious, drive audience engagement, brand loyalty and purchase decisions.

MobiLAB FC facial coding tool integrates Affectiva’s Affdex technology and Imotions platform for moderator use in qualitative in-depth Interviews to passively measure emotional response to stimuli.

This method, scientifically and unobtrusively measures emotional engagement responses to stimuli, revealed through facial expression activity. Key emotion traces are captured in real-time, via webcam, and displayed to the moderator and viewing room or streamed to remote clients. The Live View of the respondent, the stimulus and data is recorded for post-session analysis.

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Key features that support your qualitative research objectives

Flexibility for Stimuli

Present images, videos, websites, screen recordings, real-world products, scene recordings, and surveys.

Sophisticated Study Designs

Full flexibility with any study set-up with randomizations, block designs, test plans, group rotations, etc.

Real-Time Synchronization

Facial expression recognition data, stimuli and any other sensor data streams are real-time synchronized and visualized in iMotions.

Frame-by-Frame Data and Markers

Capture moment-by-moment emotional insight of individuals, analyzing reactions frame by frame.  Mark important activity during data collection or in replay mode to facilitate the analysis.

Export of Raw Data

Export raw data in .txt format to import into any statistical program such as MatLab for further analysis.

Quality Assurance

iMotions outputs data collection quality at any given time to monitor and ensure the validity of the studies.

Segment and Aggregate Data

View respondent reactions individually or across multiple interviews.

Facial Coding Metrics

What metrics does MobiLab™ FC present?


Valence is a measure of overall sentiment: positive, negative, neutral.

Emotional Engagement

A measure of how emotionally engaging content is. Based on expressiveness, it is driven up by smile, dislike/disgust, surprise and concentration/frown

Head Orientation

A measure of orientation of the face to the screen. This quantifies attention level tracking when participants are distracted (turning away).


By the following facial features: Smile (enjoyment), Lip Corner (sadness), Brow Furrow (dislike, cognitive processing, focus, or confusion), Brow Raise (Surprise)

Benefits that enhance the value of your research results

Enhance the quality of your in-depth interview with real-time emotion metrics

Provide clients with access to data in real time or post session

Use data captured in the facial coding session as a framework to dig deeper into the self-report part of the session

Seamlessly capture critical visual data to enhance your client presentation

Create additive insight by combining facial coding analysis with self-report data