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Online Facial Coding

Now marketing research respondents can participate in facial coding research from anywhere they have a webcam and the internet.

Emotion Analytics for Video

90% of decisions are made subconsciously.  Tobii Pro’s emotion analytics tool for video measures the micro expressions of viewers using the latest facial coding technologies.  Predict your video’s skipability, branding impact, and brand likability from your audience’s subconscious emotional reaction.


Mobilab powered by Tobii Pro

Facial Coding made ubiquitous, scalable and cost-efficient


Reliably measures facial expressions


Cloud based automatic platform


Analyzed results available within 48 hours


Record anywhere in the world


Scales to any size you need


  • High quality data visualization
  • Your respondents simply require internet and webcam
  • When combined with optional eye tracking the platform allows researchers to pinpoint where respondents are looking as they react to the stimuli
Shelf Results


  • Test dynamic video stimuli which elicits strong response
  • Overcome challenges of geographically dispersed respondents and hard to reach respondents
  • Enhance your online eye tracking study with emotional response data
  • For self guided sessions or as part of moderator-led interviews

Key features that support your qualitative research objectives

Data Download for Custom Reporting

Within 48 hours IVP will analyze the data from Tobii Pro’s platform, to build custom reports using excel sheets, images, and video files

Frame-by-Frame Analysis

Review moment-by-moment emotional insights, analyzing reactions frame by frame through the video playback