We Have Rebranded to IVP Research Labs

We are delighted to share that Interactive Video Productions has rebranded to IVP Research Labs. In addition to a new trading name, our rebrand features a new logo design, brand identity, and domain name; IVPResearchLabs.com.
Over the past 13 years, IVP has expanded its services from videography and video highlight reels and usability testing, to incorporate a broad range of innovative neuro labs for marketing research, including eye tracking, biometrics, facial coding, EEG testing, and integrated technology solutions.
Commenting on the news, Bob Granito, President, said, “This is an exciting time for IVP as we continue to grow and enable added value for market research. We have sought to evolve our brand to better represent the business we have become today – a leading technology supplier for the marketing research industry. We thank our customers for their trust over the years, allowing us to grow and support their success in 2020 and beyond as IVP Research Labs.”
IVP Research Labs sought a fresh, contemporary look focused on the future of technology in marketing research. The brain and EKG convey neuroscience measurements, and the icon is made up of small squares, loosely representing collected data. The green, which people associate with IVP, remains untouched, and IVP has introduced a dark teal for a sophisticated color palette.

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Bob Granito
President, IVP Research Labs