At-Home Biometric Neuromarketing Research

With many researchers conscious of travel, our clients are looking for creative solutions to get great insights while staying safe.

That’s why we are excited to introduce you to NeuroLynQ@Home. With this powerful technology, you can now conduct Neuro research remotely.
Together, Shimmer, Schlesinger Group and IVP deliver the new NeuroLynQ@Home service to provide a remote biometric monitoring system, allowing participants’ nonconscious emotional responses to be evaluated from the comfort of their own home.
  • Measure sweat gland activity and heart rate using a photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor, which uses light absorption to measure changes in blood volume in their capillaries.
  • Access a moment-by-moment assessment of the participants’ emotional response to video, websites, gaming, and ethnographic stimulus.
  • Take advantage of turnkey service to recruit participants according to your specifications, manage the logistics of getting the sensors to and from the participants, and ensure that they complete the study in a timely manner.
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This neuromarketing technology uses galvanic skin response (GSR) and heart rate to measure participants’ emotional responses

Morganville, NJ and Cambridge, MA, February 2, 2021– IVP Research Labs, the leading provider of mobile marketing research labs, and Shimmer Research, a global leader in wearable technology for research applications, today announced the launch of IVP’s NeuroLynQ™ Service. NeuroLynQ technology is revolutionizing neuromarketing by making it easy and practical. With this biometrics solution, researchers can utilize GSR (skin conductance) and ECG (heart rate) readings to identify key moments and measure participant arousal and attention levels during in-person research. NeuroLynQ is ideal for focus groups and large audiences of up to 45 people.

Commenting on the news, Bob Granito, President, said, “This is an exciting time for IVP as we continue to grow and add value to market research. IVP, alongside our partner Shimmer Research, have sought to bring neuromarketing to the qualitative industry as another measure of consumer feedback. This solution will allow researchers to see consumers’ reactions beyond verbal communication and body language and give them a real-time analysis of how the respondents arousal and attention change throughout the research.”

“IVP Research Labs is a leader in bringing insightful technology to qualitative research. Together, we have the necessary infrastructure and technical expertise to support a seamless deployment of NeuroLynQ technology to neuromarketing researchers in the US and Europe. This user-friendly tool will allow researchers to adopt biometric measurements with ease and confidence,” said Geoffrey Gill, President of Shimmer Americas.

IVP Research Labs and Shimmer Research will be debuting NeuroLynQ on February 4, 2021 at the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) annual conference.

To learn more, view the full press release:

IVP Research Labs and Shimmer Launch NeuroLynQ Service to Enhance Qualitative Research

We are excited to be partnering again with HCD Research, Schlesinger Group and Shimmer Inc. to study voters’ responses to the final Presidential Debate on October 22nd.

Together, we will be observing in real time a group of Republicans, Democrats and Independents in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. As these respondents watch the debate, they will be attached to sensors capturing their psychophysiological response.

By measuring second-by-second psychophysiological response of the voter, we will be able to identify the most impactful moments of the debate using quantitative neurological response.

Stay tuned to see the results from this research.

Can’t wait for the results? 

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Bob Granito
President, IVP Research Labs

As President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden faced off on stage for the first time, we partnered with HCD Research, Shimmer Research Inc., and Schlesinger Group to gauge voters’  psychophysiological responses to the September 29th Presidential Debate.

Many voters had decided who they were voting for prior to these debates with the expectation that they would side with their own candidate over the opponent. 

Going into the debate, Trump voters stated, “they both tend to say stupid things, but I feel like Trump is more factual and Biden is more emotional.” while Biden voters said, “I feel the debate skills that Joe Biden possess are greater than Donald Trump’s.”. 

But what would their psychophysiological responses reveal about how they reacted to the live performances of each candidate? Check out the results focusing on the big reaction moments of Trump, Biden, and Undecided voters during the debate.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to discuss how neuromarketing can help you deliver deeper insights.

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Bob Granito
President, IVP Research Labs

Online Research Labs for Success in the Marketplace

Conduct easy-to-use remote consumer neuroscience labs from the comfort of your home or office with IVP Research Labs.

Online Usability Testing
Ideal for website and mobile device usability, MobiLAB™ Online provides face-to-face interaction with respondents using audio and video and the ability to share desktops or mobile devices for real-time collaboration and observation. IVP will manage the details and provide hands-on technical support, so you can focus on the research. LEARN MORE

Online Eye Tracking
MobiLAB™ ET Online delivers the same advanced eye-tracking metrics as traditional in-person eye tracking, but from any computer with a webcam. Ideal for testing ad placement, optimizing print ads, webpage evaluation, and video ad or package testing, researchers can measure what people engage with, for how long they engage, and the order in which they engage. LEARN MORE

Online Facial Coding
Using only a webcam, we capture facial expressions as your respondent views dynamic content. Ideal for dynamic video content, MobiLAB™ ET Online offers researchers to ability to better predict video’s skipability, branding impact, and brand likability from your audience’s subconscious emotional reaction. LEARN MORE

Customized Hybrid Solutions

Seamlessly integrate IVP’s online usability testing, eye tracking, and facial coding labs with your online qualitative research or online surveys to create a multi-method research approach to help answer your important business questions.

A Full-Time System Operator Supports You
From technology demos to data delivery, our expert team manages the details so you can focus on the research.

  • Pre-qualifies respondents and ensures they prepared for their online experience
  • Tests respondent webcams to ensure high-quality video capture
  • Ships cameras to respondents who do not own one

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Bob Granito
President, IVP Research Labs

Seamless Online Usability Testing

Conduct focus groups and IDI usability interviews remotely from the comfort of your home or office.

MobiLAB™ Online provides face-to-face interaction with respondents using audio and video and the ability to share desktops or mobile devices for real time collaboration and observation. IVP will manage the details and provide hands-on technical support, so you can focus on the research.

  • Features of MobiLAB™ Online
  • Utilizes the Adobe Connect platform
  • Up to 8 individuals from any location can be interviewed simultaneously
  • Live chat for remote observers and ability to join break-out rooms and message privately
  • Share content with attendees from the moderator’s computer
  • Use of whiteboard with marker capabilities for respondent collaboration
  • Record meetings with immediate archiving and storage for one year
  • Unlimited number of viewers can attend MobiLAB™ Online meetings
  • One-year online archive of recordings

We Manage the Details

  • Pre-qualify respondents and ensures they prepared for their online experience
  • Test respondent webcams to ensure high-quality video capture
  • Send cameras to respondents who do not own one

Hands-On Technical Support

IVP provides a full-time technician to oversee the meeting and serve as point of contact for technical support. Our staff is fully-trained on all functionality of MobiLAB™ Online and able to assist both participants and viewers with any questions.

Bob Granito
President, IVP Research Labs

We Have Rebranded to IVP Research Labs

We are delighted to share that Interactive Video Productions has rebranded to IVP Research Labs. In addition to a new trading name, our rebrand features a new logo design, brand identity, and domain name;
Over the past 13 years, IVP has expanded its services from videography and video highlight reels and usability testing, to incorporate a broad range of innovative neuro labs for marketing research, including eye tracking, biometrics, facial coding, EEG testing, and integrated technology solutions.
Commenting on the news, Bob Granito, President, said, “This is an exciting time for IVP as we continue to grow and enable added value for market research. We have sought to evolve our brand to better represent the business we have become today – a leading technology supplier for the marketing research industry. We thank our customers for their trust over the years, allowing us to grow and support their success in 2020 and beyond as IVP Research Labs.”
IVP Research Labs sought a fresh, contemporary look focused on the future of technology in marketing research. The brain and EKG convey neuroscience measurements, and the icon is made up of small squares, loosely representing collected data. The green, which people associate with IVP, remains untouched, and IVP has introduced a dark teal for a sophisticated color palette.

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Bob Granito
President, IVP Research Labs

Upgrade to Professional Videography for Your Next Qualitative Study

Interactive Video Productions offers high quality and dynamic video recording for qualitative research in-facility or off-site.

Closely Capture Respondent Behavior

Unlike stationary video, which only offers one angle at a set distance, professional videography from IVP offers responsiveness on the part of the videographer and allows for direction by the moderator to closely capture key respondent behavior. Our skilled videographers use multiple study angles and vary zoom to best capture the action. A wide view for group interactions and individual zooms to capture a speaker’s expression or a respondent handing stimulus or testing usability of a product.

Gain a Better Understanding of User Behavior

The results of professional videography allow research stakeholders to better understand user behavior. Insert dynamic video clips into your results presentation for more engaging final report.

Professional Videography is Ideal for:

  • IDIs with product interaction
  • Focus Groups
  • Shop-A-Longs
  • Ethnographies

The IVP Advantage

Our experienced videographers are client-friendly and sensitive the qualitative process. They work flexibly with you to deliver key research data captured and presented clearly and professionally to add video insights to your research findings.


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Bob Granito, President
Interactive Video Productions

Introducing Biometric Testing For Large Groups

Interactive Video Productions has expanded its neuroscience offerings to include MobiLAB™ Neuro powered by NeuroLynQ.

Less invasive and more cost-effective than traditional biometrics technology, MobiLAB™ Neuro captures captures heart rate (attention) and skin conductance (arousal) measures for up to 45 participants simultaneously, in real-time.

Monitor individual metrics and aggregate metrics across a single session and the life of the project to identify trends of attention and arousal.

Quantitative Applications
  • Video Ad Testing
  • Pilot Testing
  • Movie Screening
Qualitative Applications
  • Focus Groups
  • Product Testing
  • Mock Jury Trials
  • Ad Testing
  • Concept Testing
IVP’s MobiLAB™ Neuro Lab includes a full-time technician who works with you to deliver key research data captured and presented clearly and professionally for your client. 


Join Us at Neuro University

IVP is delighted to sponsor and present at Neuro U, a neuromarketing symposium which offers participants two days of interactive workshops and hands-on experience with the latest technology in Applied Consumer Neuroscience.

What to Expect

A full agenda to network with peers, learn from experts, and explore the latest in psychological and neuroscience tools and technologies.

Participants of Neuro U will

  • gain a working knowledge of applied consumer neuroscience
  • understand applications for applied consumer neuroscience to current projects
  • learn how to integrate System 1 into traditional research
  • learn about emerging technologies and implications for the future of neuroscience research
  • identify which tools and methods work best for your desired insights

Who should Attend Neuro U?

  • Researchers from all industries
  • Academia

When & Where?

The Hyatt Regency, Morristown, New Jersey
June 6-7

Register by May 20 for Early-Bird Pricing

Interactive Video Productions and its clients have access to an Early-bird registration rate of $350, a savings of $100. After May 20, Early-bird registration will close and regular pricing will be available.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Bob Granito, President
Interactive Video