Seamless Online Usability Testing

Conduct focus groups and IDI usability interviews remotely from the comfort of your home or office.

MobiLAB™ Online provides face-to-face interaction with respondents using audio and video and the ability to share desktops or mobile devices for real time collaboration and observation. IVP will manage the details and provide hands-on technical support, so you can focus on the research.

  • Features of MobiLAB™ Online
  • Utilizes the Adobe Connect platform
  • Up to 8 individuals from any location can be interviewed simultaneously
  • Live chat for remote observers and ability to join break-out rooms and message privately
  • Share content with attendees from the moderator’s computer
  • Use of whiteboard with marker capabilities for respondent collaboration
  • Record meetings with immediate archiving and storage for one year
  • Unlimited number of viewers can attend MobiLAB™ Online meetings
  • One-year online archive of recordings

We Manage the Details

  • Pre-qualify respondents and ensures they prepared for their online experience
  • Test respondent webcams to ensure high-quality video capture
  • Send cameras to respondents who do not own one

Hands-On Technical Support

IVP provides a full-time technician to oversee the meeting and serve as point of contact for technical support. Our staff is fully-trained on all functionality of MobiLAB™ Online and able to assist both participants and viewers with any questions.

Bob Granito
President, IVP Research Labs

Upgrade to Professional Videography for Your Next Qualitative Study

Interactive Video Productions offers high quality and dynamic video recording for qualitative research in-facility or off-site.

Closely Capture Respondent Behavior

Unlike stationary video, which only offers one angle at a set distance, professional videography from IVP offers responsiveness on the part of the videographer and allows for direction by the moderator to closely capture key respondent behavior. Our skilled videographers use multiple study angles and vary zoom to best capture the action. A wide view for group interactions and individual zooms to capture a speaker’s expression or a respondent handing stimulus or testing usability of a product.

Gain a Better Understanding of User Behavior

The results of professional videography allow research stakeholders to better understand user behavior. Insert dynamic video clips into your results presentation for more engaging final report.

Professional Videography is Ideal for:

  • IDIs with product interaction
  • Focus Groups
  • Shop-A-Longs
  • Ethnographies

The IVP Advantage

Our experienced videographers are client-friendly and sensitive the qualitative process. They work flexibly with you to deliver key research data captured and presented clearly and professionally to add video insights to your research findings.


Let’s Connect

Bob Granito, President
Interactive Video Productions