We are excited to participate in a complimentary Research Technology Day hosted by Schlesinger Group. Explore important research technology to enhance the value of your research.

IVP will demo the latest in our smartly-packaged neuro lab solutions; including biometric testing and facial coding.

In addition, Schlesinger Group, Voxpopme and Civicom Marketing Research Services will be providing hands-on opportunities for clients to trial The Wall by Schlesinger, OnDemand Plus and online qualitative tools.


Who Should Attend? 

This event is tailored to qualitative researchers and moderators.


Will You Join Us?

Friday, March 22 | Open House 10am-6pm
Schlesinger Group – New York City

711 Third Ave, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10017


Bob Granito, President
Interactive Video Productions

Happy Holidays from IVP

Thank you for your support in 2018. As we strive to excel in our services, we are honored to have clients like you.

We have made a donation to the National MS Society on behalf of our clients and colleagues. 
As you prepare for 2019, IVP looks forward to continuing our partnership and we will be happy to help you plan technology support for your upcoming research projects. 

We  hope to see you at the following upcoming industry events:

QRCA Conference
January 30-February 1 | Savannah, Georgia
We are presenting and exhibiting.

The Quirks Event
March 5-6 – Brooklyn
We are exhibiting.  

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a new year of peace, happiness, and success!
Bob Granito, President
+1 (732) 970-9446

We are Presenting at QRCA Conference 2019

Interactive Video Productions is delighted to speak alongside HCD Research at the QRCA Conference in Savannah, Georgia.

During the presentation, Making Neuroscience Measures Accessible for All Researchers, researchers will:
  • be introduced to applied neuroscience
  • understand which neuromarketing tools are available
  • learn how the neuromarketing data can be integrated into traditional research
We are also exhibiting and hope to catch up with you at our booth.
We look forward to seeing you there!
+1 (732) 970-9446

Online Facial Coding Has Arrived

We are delighted to introduce MobiLAB™ FC Online, an online facial coding tool powered by Tobii Pro, allowing respondents to participate in facial coding research from anywhere they have a webcam and access to the internet.

How Does it Work?

Tobii Pro’s emotion analytics tool for video measures the micro expressions of viewers using the latest facial coding technologies allowing researchers to better predict a video’s skipability, branding impact, and brand likability from your audience’s subconscious emotional reaction.

MobiLAB™ FC Online is ideal for:

  • testing dynamic video stimuli which elicits a strong response
  • overcoming challenges of geographically dispersed respondents and/or hard to reach respondents
  • self-guided sessions or as part of moderator-led interviews
  • creating high-quality data visualizations for post research reporting

Combine with Online Eye Tracking

MobiLAB™ FC Online can be combined with our online eye tracking technology, MobiLAB™ ET Online, allowing researchers to pinpoint where respondents are looking as they react to the stimuli. This combination of visual engagement tracking and emotion analytics data allows researchers to deliver better insights for more informed decisions for increased ROI, improved conversion rates and optimized engagement.

Ready to learn more about enhancing your next marketing research study with online facial coding?

Let’s Chat!

Bob Granito
+1 (732) 970-9446

Announcing Neuro Omnibus for Video

IVP is delighted to introduce a Neuro Omnibus for Video which allows companies to receive information relating to the subconscious response of consumers to web or broadcast video.

Bob Granito, President of IVP, said “Traditional research of video advertising relies on self-report and does not precisely measure whether the video caught and kept the respondent’s attention.  Applied consumer neuroscience can determine whether the video captured the viewers’ attention and where attention was lost and gained throughout the ad.  IVP’s omnibus allows multiple videos to be grouped and viewed together by sought after target segments, substantially reducing the cost of neuro research.”
Applied neuroscience offers a wide range of insights.  It is of greatest use when integrated with traditional research methods.  This specific service is designed to provide snapshots of data to help marketers identify content that contributes to the desired attention, arousal and emotions throughout the video.  It is not designed as a detailed analysis of the subconscious response to media, rather as a cost effective tool to measure the relative impact of broadcast or web video.

Clients obtain metrics including an indication of the impact of their tested ad in the first 6 seconds and animated graphs exhibiting where and when emotion, attention, and arousal increased and decreased throughout the video.  Consultation with staff from HCD Research explaining the results will help provide additional understanding of the data.

The broad range of target audiences will include: Millennials, Boomers, Gen X, new car buyers, mothers of young children, and online shoppers.

Our Next Omnibus Date: June 17th



Bob Granito
+1 (732) 970-9446

IVP Launches New Website

We are excited to unveil our new website.

With the continued growth in our business and the expanding range of mobile research labs, we felt it was time to present a clearer picture of who we are and how we help researchers optimize their study investments.

Our new contemporary design and functionality allows you to fully explore our expanding range of mobile research labs and videography solutions with supporting video demos.

Our Partners page presents our network of focus group facilities in key markets in the US and EU who seamlessly accommodate our mobile labs and your study.Learn why, with two decades of industry experience and expert System Operators, IVP is the first choice for researchers seeking to obtain behavioral and emotional measures, with ease and confidence.

We hope you enjoy using the new site and would love to know what you think.

Bob Granito, President
Interactive Video Productions

Eye Tracking for Mobile Devices

Interactive Video (IVP) is excited to announce the launch of their new eye tracking solution MobiLAB™ ET for efficient and high quality testing of mobile devices and tablets. In today’s mobile landscape, it is critical to understand what interface elements catch user attention and what goes unnoticed to provide insight into usability challenges or gauge the impact of mobile advertising.

Custom-designed for handheld devices, mobile eye tracking allows you to:

  • Gain insight into the usability of your mobile application
  • Measure the impact of your design and content
  • Use statistics to identify and back up your conclusions about what people see and for how long
  • Accurately analyze eye gaze behavior

Our new mobile eye tracking technology can be utilized on all types of mobile devices, including: mobile phones, navigation devices, e-readers, tablet computers and other similarly sized devices.

Learn more about how mobile eye tracking can dramatically increase the value of your market research.

Bob Granito